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frolic in brine

goblins be thine

yamamura sadako
31 October
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my name is Yamamura Sadako, practitioner of nensha and child of the well. for 30 years i lived down there, kept alive by hate - but i shall have my revenge.

this journal contains spoilers for the Ring/Ringu movies and books.

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Q: so are you the Sadako from the books, or the Sadako from the movies?
A: i am both.

evil descendent: samara7days

this is actually deaddoloreshaze, in case you were wondering.

Sadako is "deer caught in headlights" love

If I could be reborn, even though it violates the will of God himself,
I would want to be at your side, with you.

If it were all a dream when I awoke,
if only you were there.

But the light of morning shows me as I really am.
Still, I want to say it -

I love you.
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